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No More Headaches

Say goodbye to headaches caused by your computer & mobile, Unlink users report no more migraine!

Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Enjoy digital time with Unlink gaming glasses, Do not worry about about eye fatigue and blurred vision.

Blue Light Test

8 Layers of Protection

Our glasses come with 8 layers of protection to keep your eyes and glasses safe.

Our XBOX Players are loving these glasses as they constantly play their favorite games.


Who can wear Unlink™ Anti-Blue Light Glasses?

- Gamer who plays for more than 3 hours everyday

- Professionals who spend more time working on their computers

- People who travel a lot in sunlight

- Smartphone users who spend a lot of time on their phone.

- Other than this, people who are in any contact of a digital device throughout their entire day.

Unlink is high quality and stylish eye-wear to protect your eyes from Blue Light of digital devices. It will provide you a better sleep and a healthier life. Your new Unlink computer & gaming glasses won’t just help you sleep better and improve your health, now they come with an evolved Blue light blocking lens for better protection, and a great & colorful design to keep your cool style wherever you go!

Unlink's computer & gaming glasses are the perfect combination between health and style. Screens are part of our daily life now and this is why we think this pair of glasses should be a no brainier tool to use on a daily basis.

That's the reason why we put lot of effort into creating stylish and comfortable eye-wear which at the same time has the best protection for your eyes.


High Quality Hinges with Firm Screws


Comfortable Nose Pads Fits for All Face Shapes & Anti-allergy


Stylish Blue Light Eye Protection for Play, Home & Work


Unlink's lenses, have a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of their time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as smartphone, TV, tablet or computer screens. As technology evolves, so does our special Blue Light Blocking Lenses.

The pair of Micron glasses block upto 95% of the harmful Blue Light on the 420nm - 440nm spectrum. Which means your eyes will be protected in any kind of situation.

How You Can Benefit from Unlink™ Anti-Blue Light Glasses?



Micron - Syght Gaming Glasses


Micron - Syght Gaming Glasses


Micron - Syght Gaming Glasses


Micron - Syght Gaming Glasses



Fits all types of faces, is your face on this image above??

Prevent yourself from getting frequent headaches and Buy yourself Unlink Anti-Blue light gaming glasses today.


Q: Who are these glasses for?
A: These glasses are for:
- Anyone who sits in front of a computer all day
- Anyone who games at night and has trouble sleeping
- Anyone that suffers from eye strain and eye irritation from looking at a screen for too long
- Anyone who plays video games everyday or competitively
- Anyone who works in an office
- Anyone looking to enhance the contrast and depth perception in their games


Q: What is blue light?
A: Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum that packs the highest energy with the shortest wavelengths, emitted in large amounts by digital screens such as computers and smartphones.

Similar to how UV light can damage our eyes and skin, overexposure to blue light can cause eye problems ranging from eye strain, eye fatigue, blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches.

Blue light also regulates our circadian rhythm by influencing the production of melatonin in our body. Exposure to blue light at night time such as browsing on your phone or computer disrupts our sleep cycle, making it hard for us to fall asleep.


Q: Why choose Unlink™ Anti-Blue Light Eye-wear?
A: We offer the clearest, most effective lens on the market. Other computer glasses are typically very yellow and have low transparency.

Our glasses have a virtually clear lens and look just like a normal pair of glasses when you're wearing them.

Our frames are built with cellulose acetate, the same material used by most high-end eye-wear brands and our selection of vintage and classic styles will keep you looking sharp.

Q: Natural blue light vs. Artificial blue light
A: Natural blue light comes from the sun. Our body uses blue light from the sun to regulate our natural circadian rhythm (sleep and wake cycles), boost alertness, heighten reaction times, elevate moods, and increase the feeling of well being.

Artificial sources of blue light include digital screens such as TVs, computers, smart phones, and fluorescent and LED lights.